Pierre Marcolini Chocolate Book Designed By Olympia Le-Tan

Olympia Le Tan-Pierre Marcolini Chocolate Book

Olympia Le-Tan, the French designer famous for her quirky book clutch, embroidered hand and football handbags has teamed up with chocolatier Pierre Marcolini to create a special edition called the “Chocolate Book”. The Belgian chocolatier Marcollini not only famous for gourmet chocolates, his company also make macaroons second to none. This special edition is all about delivering chocolates and macarons in book-shaped boxes. Le-Tan has created two box designs and each box can hold 30 chocolates or a dozen macaroons.

Olympia Le Tan-Pierre Marcolini Chocolate Book 4

Boxes read “Elles n’ont qu’un mot à la” in English “Girls have only one word on their lips” or “J’ai les yeux plus gros que la ventre” (My eyes are bigger than my tummy). Printed with red lips and large eyes on the outside, the pink boxes take a completely different fanciful look with birds and flowers along with Le-Tan’s fanciful logo on the inside.

Olympia Le Tan-Pierre Marcolini Chocolate Book 2

Perfect for gift giving in the coming holiday season or now, the collectible worthy gourmet Chocolate Books are now available at Pierre Marcolini’s stores, the Haute Chocolaterie boutique rue Saint-Honoré in Paris and at Selfridges in the UK. They are also sold online at marcolini.com. A box of 30 pieces chocolates are priced at €37 ($50) and 12 pieces of macaroons costs €27 ($35).

Olympia Le Tan-Pierre Marcolini Chocolate Book 3

Source: Pierre Marcolini

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