Limited Edition Perrier-Jouët InBloom Fresh Box Designed By Benjamin Graindorge

Perrier-Jouët InBloom Fresh Box 1

Champagne house Perrier-Jouët has a new fresh box created by talented young French designer Benjamin Graindorge. A limited edition, the InBloom Fresh Box cases are made exclusively for the Grand Brut and Blason Rosé cuvees. For the design, Benjamin Graindorge drew inspirations from the Art Nouveau vision of Nature and Perrier-Jouët’s floral, elegant & diamond-cut signature style.

Graindorge’s design concept behind the Perrier-Jouët InBloom Fresh Box is to give protection to the bottle the same way a flower on the point of blooming and the shape of a bud protects the tender new flower. Once the fresh box is opened, it reveals a bottle kept in perfect tasting temperature. The case is available in two colors matching Perrier-Jouët’s floral favorites – spring green for Grand Brut and pale pink for Blason Rosé. The fresh box has a streamlined shape with a velvety smooth matte white base and a satin smooth lid.

Speaking about his exclusive creation InBloom Fresh Box, Benjamin Graindorge said “I like to imagine the Perrier-Jouët InBloom Fresh Box protecting its precious sap like a bud enveloped in mystery, ready to open and reveal a flower’s fragile petals…Then, the InBloom Fresh Box vanishes, revealing in its place Perrier-Jouët champagne.”

Perrier-Jouët InBloom Fresh Box 2


Source: Perrier-Jouët

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