Perrier-Jouët Cuvée Belle Epoque Rosé Limited Edition By Vik Muniz

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For their latest limited-edition, champagne house Perrier-Jouët’s Cellar Master Hervé Deschamps has chosen 2005 Vintage of the Cuvée Belle Epoque Rosé. All the more exciting is the news announced by Perrier-Jouët that they managed to rope in acclaimed Brazilian visual artist Vik Muniz to design the bottle for it. What Muniz has done with the bottle is nothing short of brilliant artistic imagination and storytelling. He imagined a fairy-tale encounter between a golden hummingbird and Perrier-Jouët’s famous anemone. According to Muniz, when hummingbird get in touch with a flower to drink nectar and admire its beauty, white petals of the bloom turn to soft pink – same as Rosè’s salmon pink.

Muniz who is known as a “low-tech illusionist”, use natural materials as wide ranging as dust and diamonds. To create this project he chose scraps of gold, then photographed the delightful scene and applied it to the bottle using a gold plate. The scene depicted on the bottle shows the bird flying towards the anemones. A bottle that could very well become a collector’s item, shows-off Muniz’s craftsmanship.

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“Much as Perrier-Jouët has long embraced Art Nouveau’s love of nature and enchantment, I took the idea of captivation in a natural setting as the inspiration for this motif” explained Vik Muniz.

The wine boasts of Chardonnay, Perrier-Jouët’s grape of choice, while red Pinot Noir adds the salmon pink color. Pinot Meunier is also part of the blend, and all three grapes belongs to the Champagne region of France. Cellar Master Deschamps described the wine as “the most extravagant wine of the Belle Epoque Collection”. It is full of fruity aromas such as strawberries, citrus fruit, sour cherry and orange with cream and spice hints.

Released just prior to the start of the holiday season, Perrier-Jouët hopes the Cuvée Belle Epoque Rosé Limited Edition by Vik Muniz will be a perfect companion for year-end celebrations. It comes in a luxury case making it perfect for gift giving. Only limited quantities will be made available for most countries to ensure exclusivity.

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Source: Perrier-Jouët 

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