Japan Receives An Exclusive Christmas Cola For Being On Pepsi’s Nice List

Pepsi Christmas Cola

Pepsi has a new brand ambassador – Santa Claus! He goes well with the brand’s colors and is the perfect celebrity to promote limited edition Pepsi Christmas Cola that launches exclusively in Japan. We admit to being a teensy bit jealous because who doesn’t love holiday-special drinks be it Colas or Frappuccinos right?

You must be wondering what is so special about the Japanese Christmas Cola. Well, in Japan the proper way to end a customary Christmas dinner is to have a slice of strawberry shortcake. It is such an integral part of the holiday tradition that it is called the “Christmas cake” and that is exactly what inspired Pepsi to come up with their holiday concoction. The soda has notes of sweet whipped cream that balances the tangy strawberry flavor complete with hints of Yuletide sponge cake. It tastes exactly how you would imagine a fizzy Japanese Christmas to be in a bottle.

Pepsi Christmas Cola

Japan isn’t big on celebrating Thanksgiving and has just recently adopted the whirlwind of Halloween, making Pepsi Christmas Cola a special event when it launches on November 21st. The festive packaging on the bottle decorated with snowflakes, wreaths, bows, and Santas makes it another cute thing to add to the holiday gift baskets for 140 Yen ($1.30) per bottle. This will be a huge hit with teens who are not of legal age to drink especially as it is so affordable. We bet Pepsi’s seasonal drink is going to be the new favorite holiday beverage this year! Pepsi if you are reading this, we non-Japan residents would like a Christmas Cola too!

Source: Rocket News

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