Camus Hits The Right Notes With The Organoleptic Piano Case

Camus Organoleptic Piano Stand 1

A cognac storage case that resembles a piano leg? That has never been done before and that’s why French cognac maker Camus decided to be the first to do so, as a one-off special edition. The Organoleptic Piano is a gravity defying pedestal that is made to hold special edition five Masterpiece Collection Cuvees. The stand is actually a piano leg shaped like the letter C of Camus. It was designed by Camus’ in-house design team and hand made by well-known local cabinet-maker Ateliers Drevelle. It took six artisans more than 300 hours to make the black lacquered cabinet and the white lacquered steel leg case.

High end manufacturing doesn’t end with the Organoleptic Piano stand. The five elegant cognac decanters are designed by famed French sculptor Serge Mansau and manufactured in the Baccarat workshops. Each decanter has its own compartment that resembles a piano key – they open with a touch of a fingertip, just like when you play the piano. As described by Camus “these Cuvees bring their own color to the aromatic palette offered by the keys”.

Camus Organoleptic Piano Stand 2

Says Frédéric Dezauzier, Brand Ambassador of the world’s largest cognac producing family firm “we wanted to compose a symphony for the senses as a tribute to 150 years of tradition and excellence, to set the tone for the next 150 years.” According to Camus the Organoleptic Piano was sold at auction for an undisclosed sum and the buyer wishes to remain anonymous.

Camus Organoleptic Piano Stand 3 Camus Organoleptic Piano Stand 4 Camus Organoleptic Piano Stand 5


Source: Luxury Launches and Camus

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