Will This $410 Pre-Cooked “Neiman Marcus Stuffed Pork Crown Roast” Make To Their Fantasy Gift List?

Neiman Marcus Stuffed Pork Crown Roast

It would be something if this makes to this year’s “Fantasy Gift” list. As reported today luxury retailer Neiman Marcus is trying to expand their high-end pre-cooked frozen food business. One of the popular items on the menu is the stuffed pork crown roast with a $410 price tag plus $32 for delivery.

You do get a lot of pork roast for that money. It weighs around 12 pounds, depending on everyone’s appetite can serve up to 24 people. The Hefty price tag is not just for the pork roast. Pre-cooked feast comes with a roasted pecan dressing and three pounds of dried cherry.

Maybe we weren’t aware of Neman Marcus’ pre-made high-end food for the simple reason it is beyond our pay scales. According to one of their reps, they’ve been in the frozen food business for the past 20 or so years. Pork roast apparently one of their best sellers. Other items on offer include a set of four seven-ounce chicken pot pies for $75 plus $15.50 shipping. Also among favorites are a pack of six-dozen tamales priced $92 with $ $18 for delivery and a Texas Meat Sampler – $196 plus $26.50 shipping.

Neiman Marcus Stuffed Pork Crown Roast

Don’t get your hopes high thinking Neiman Marcus do all these by themselves. They don’t have a huge industrial kitchen somewhere with Michelin-starred chefs cooking this with an army of kitchen staff. The food is prepared by vendors to sell under Neiman Marcus brand. They get shipped directly from vendors to customers. They deliver only from Tuesday through Friday. No holiday delivery either. To cancel an order you’ll have to inform them 4 days before shipment date.

Source: Business Insider 

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