Murray’s Holiday Celebration Collection Includes A 14-Pound Leg Of Devodier Prosciutto di Parma

Murray's Holiday Celebration Collection

Even though I live in New York, when it is time to write about holiday hampers and stuff, I always end up with what Brits has to offer. Harrods and Selfridges are favorites, as they offer the best hampers, advent calendars and a long list of other holiday related things. Other than that, the fact is the US don’t really have traditions like giving Christmas hampers, pulling crackers and wearing fancy crown hats. Regardless, this year I decided to pay a little bit more attention to what is nearby – Murray’s and their Holiday Celebration Collection.

Occasionally I stop by at Murray’s at Grand Central and head straight to the area they stock Danish Tilsit. I just love its semi-soft texture and those tiny holes, and it melts great on toast. Tilsit, to me at least, tastes and smell like dried fish, something I’m pretty familiar with. Enough of me and my Danish Tilsit. The other day I checked Murray’s website and noticed they just unveiled their Holiday Celebration Collection – trays full of cheeses and charcuterie. For prosciutto lovers, there is one 14lb whole leg.

Holiday Celebration

Murray's Holiday Celebration CollectionThis will arrive at your door in Murray’s Signature Gift Crate filled with 2.5 pounds of cheese and 4 ounces of meat. That is enough to feed 11-13 hungry adults. Inside the crate, you’ll find 3 kinds of cheese, honey, jam, prosciutto, crackers and chocolate bonbons. Price – $150

Top Shelf

Murray's Holiday Celebration CollectionMurray’s say – seriously fancy eats! They are going to stuff the crate with 4 kinds of cheese, salami, whipped honey, Jamon Iberico de Bellota ham, fig and almond cake, and crackers. In all 3.25 pounds of cheese and 9 ounces of meat – enough to satisfy taste buds of 10-14 foodies. Price – $200

Weekend At Murray’s

Murray's Holiday Celebration CollectionWeekend at Murray’s – this actually is the name of the hamper! It is more of the best cheeses and meats. Four cheeses including the nutty Etivaz from Switzerland. Other delicious extravagances in the crate – Devodier prosciutto, chorizo, walnut preserves, Big Chet’s salami, Pralus chocolate, black cherry confit, and crackers. All 2 pounds of cheese and 1.5 pounds of meat and other assorted items are enough to feed 14-16 people.  Price – $275

Devodier Prosciutto di Parma

Devodier Prosciutto di ParmaNo hiding here, this is a full 14-pound leg of Devodier Prosciutto di Parma. Enough to feed a village, depending on a number of people in said village. Price – $400

Source: Murray’s

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