Moët Mini Share Six Pack Champagne Bottles Are Here To Start Summer Parties

Moët Mini Share Six Pack

For ages, we had six packs of beers and abs – never mutually exclusive. In recent years other drinks with a punch started to arrive in packs, like Red Bull and wine. Now it is champagne’s turn to join the rest of beverage world to arrive at store wine aisle in a pack of six. The Moët Mini Share Six Pack released just in time for summer – Moët & Chandon is betting on us all spending time outdoors (and indoors) drinking copious amounts of bubbly from tiny bottles

Moët Mini Share Six Pack

This is sure to be a hit with young and old – anyone can easily take a pack to a bbq, to the beach, the park. And the added bonus of not having to carry champagne flutes or even simple glasses is going make this a popular choice with outdoor party planners too. Moët & Chandon chose their top-selling smooth and bright Imperial Brut to introducing the special packaging. A standard champagne flute holds about 177 milliliters, while a Moët Mini Share Six Pack bottle contains 187 milliliters of pale gold liquid – that’s 10 extra milliliters for you to chug.

Heineken six-pack costs about $11, at $100 apiece Moët Mini Share Six Pack is going to break your bank. If it is any comfort, each bottle comes decorated with golden flute toppers. There is always wine in a can if this is too fancy and pricey for your liking.

Source: Luxury Launches

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