Moët Hennessy USA Teams With Amazon’s Alexa To Bring Bottles And Bubbles Champagne Experiences

Moet Hennessy Amazon Alexa

“We are excited to announce the Bottles and Bubbles skill on Amazon’s Alexa,” announced Moët Hennessy USA. “New technologies are providing us with incredible opportunities to not only grow our business but to engage with our consumers in exciting ways while still delivering on our commitment to building luxury brands. Bottles and Bubbles will empower individuals with a champagne education and help them create the perfect champagne experience in their own homes.”

An engaging and interactive new skill for Amazon Alexa, Bottles and Bubbles will make use of the voice technology of Alexa to help everyday consumers through tips and educational lessons, ranging from recommended champagne pairings, moments to celebrate and how to pronounce Moët Hennessy champagnes.

Moët Hennessy USA Amazon Alexa

To engage with Moët Hennessy’s Bottles and Bubbles skill for Amazon Alexa, users must enable the skill through the Alexa app or on Amazon’s website. Once enabled, consumers have to say, “Alexa, open Bottles and Bubbles” to their Alexa-enabled device and engage with six areas of conversational and educational content. These educational areas include Champagne 101 which provides champagne basics and information about Moët Hennessy brands; a calendar of important dates that calls for celebration with a glass of champagne and suggestions and services to elaborate any social gathering. Bottles and Bubbles also offer recommended food and champagne pairings, hosting tips, champagne-inspired playlists and ambient sounds for a perfect champagne moment.

Bottles and Bubbles showcase Moët Hennessy’s foray into voice AI as both an innovative and future-forward leader in the space. Developed in partnership with creative technology agency rehab, the Bottles and Bubbles skill was created to meet the growing demand from Moët Hennessy consumers for a more immersive voice experience. Though this skill is currently only available in the U.S., Moët Hennessy is confident that its American consumers will see this skill as an everyday-home utility helping them enjoy Moët Hennessy’s iconic champagne portfolio while expanding their knowledge on the craftsmanship, heritage, and savoir-faire of champagne. Get the Bottles And Bubbly app from Amazon website.

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