Moët & Chandon Imperial Ayrton Senna Edition Celebrates F1 Champions 41 Victories

Moët & Chandon - Ayrton Senna Special Edition

Ayrton Senna champion Senna’s each 41 Formula One victories, Moët & Chandon has released a special limited edition of 41 pieces. The special edition comprise of the iconic Jeroboam bottles of Moët & Chandon Impérial champagne and has been created for a select group of 20 collectors. Each is a unique creation and feature a silver medal corresponding to one of the 41 Grand Prix victories together with a vintage label and Moët & Chandon’s famous ribbons.

Senna, who was a Moët & Chandon brand ambassador always celebrated his podium finishes by popping a bottle of their champagne. Even though not up for sale at the moment, each 3-liter bottle has a sale value of $4,390. If any of the collectors decide to part with their precious special edition, the value of the bottle is sure to increase with time.

Each bottle comes packaged in a wooden box, decorated with a plate referring to one of Ayrton Senna’s 41 victories and comes with a certificate of authenticity. Before handing over to collectors, each piece will be simultaneously displayed on exclusively designed podiums at 41 locations in Brazilian state-capitols, among specialized stores and hotels. Part of the proceeds will go to fund educational programs maintained by the Aryton Senna Institute.


Source: Aryton Senna Institute

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