Moët & Chandon Bright Night Methuselah: World’s First Luminous Champagne Bottle

Moët & Chandon Bright Night

Luminous champagne bottle, you say, I say yes and Moët & Chandon has one like that. Named “Bright Night”, the first-ever luminous champagne bottle in the world is designed with all the party spots in mind. The champagne house hopes the glamourous bottle will help them revolutionize the party scene. Illuminated from inside, its golden tone is the result of a metallic coat applied to the base of the bottle, thus giving a radiant glow not only to the bottle but to Moët & Chandon as well for its innovative spirit.

The visually appealing bottle has Moët & Chandon’s famous logo, tie and seal laser-cut into it. The Bright Night is limited to Methuselah grand format, as tribute to Moët & Chandon’s grand and generous spirit. Any grand occasion that you feel like popping some seriously glamourous bubble while providing a showstopper, Moët & Chandon Bright Night will be there to give you a helping hand.

Moët & Chandon Bright Night

“Bright Night is the luminously innovative new side of Moët & Chandon’s signature night atmosphere. The Maison has always ruled the night, and Bright Night ignites the scene and beckons champagne lovers to celebrate in a new way with Moët & Chandon” said Arnaud de Saignes, International Director of Marketing and Communications for Moët & Chandon.

Something as special as Moët & Chandon Bright Night cannot be made available for all and sundry. It will be offered in limited quantities worldwide. One place you can snag a bottle is Singapore, where Moët Hennessy Diageo Singapore take direct orders from customers at S$1,500 (about $1,100).


Source: Luxury Insider

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