150 Years Of Langham Hotel, London Celebrated In NYC With A $150 Modern Afternoon Tea

Langham Place NY Modern Afternoon Tea

The first Langham Hotel opened in London in June 1865 had an opening ceremony performed by the Prince of Wales. Over the years it became a favored spot for royals and celebrities alike. Their who’s who of famous patrons include Napoleon III, Oscar Wilde, Mark Twin and Winston Churchill to Princess Diana. Even Sir Arthur Conan Doyle set a couple of his Sherlock Holmes stories at the Langham. This year the flagship Langham Hotel, London is celebrating its 150th anniversary and the entire hotel group including the Langham Place, New York celebrating the occasion.

Langham Place NY Modern Afternoon Tea

Chef David Vandenabeele and the team at Measure Lounge have put together a luxurious version of their Modern Afternoon Tea and at $150 per person, this is now one of the most expensive afternoon teas ever served anywhere in the world. It will be served every weekend this month and a reservation at least 24 hours in advance is a must. Menu items below will give you an idea as to why it is priced $150 and why they need a reservation a day ahead.

Langham Place NY Modern Afternoon Tea

The over-the-top Modern Afternoon Tea starts with savories – Glazed Duck Liver Parfait with Pomegranate Glaze on Brioche, White Asparagus and Black Morel Tartlet with Quail Egg and Summer Truffle and Beluga Caviar and Buckwheat Blini. To make you sweet tooth happy they serve decadent desserts Baklava with Sicilian Pistachio and Gold Leaf, Hand-Rolled Truffles with Hennessy XO Cognac and Pink Rose Laurel Perrier Panna Cotta. All these comes neatly packed in handmade bento boxes.

To wash down your savory and sweet treats they serve a selection of exotic teas by In Pursuit of Tea and a 1/2 bottle of Champagne. Don’t worry they haven’t forgotten the afternoon tea staple scones – housemate Ginger Nutmeg and Orange scones are served with Wild Berry Jam and Clotted Cream.

For reservations call (212) 613 8667 or email Langham Palace, NY.

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