For A Fee Models And Actresses Will Deliver Your Lunch Bento In Tokyo

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Would you like to have your lunch delivered by up and coming actresses and models? Move to Japan, to Tokyo to be exact, and young Japanese women will deliver your bento box for a fee – a fee that starts from ¥30,000 (approx. $250). Lovely ladies at Platinum Lunch not only deliver bento boxes, they are also trained to serve and explain fancy dishes to diners.

The company behind this service, Social Capital Research Institute, recently started a service to deliver meals to customers with special medical needs. Even though the intentions are noble, Social Capital ended up receiving complaints about its male delivery staff. This experience gave them idea to start a bento delivery service that cater to business conferences and other lavish events, but with young female servers.

The venture is a collaboration between Social Capital Research Institute and the talent agency Platinum Productions. While the lovely delivery staff is provided by Platinum Productions, food supply for the endeavor falls on 20 plus partner restaurants and include Japanese, Western, and other Asian gourmet food.

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The Platinum Lunch bentos are priced very reasonable between ¥1,500 and ¥5,000 ($13 to $44), price goes up to ¥30,000 with special delivery. Also of note is no deliveries are made to private homes, the service is strictly business functions only. Currently service is available only in the Minato, Chiyoda, and Chuo wards of central Tokyo. This area is where most of Tokyo’s deal makers are based.

The company notes food needs to be ordered three days in advance. This would give the budding actresses time to study ingredients and details, and explain the dishes to their client. A company spokesperson said “For new actresses and models, this of course allows them to supplement their incomes during downtime in the afternoon. We also believe it provides them with an opportunity to learn etiquette and polish their manners.”

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Source: Rocket News 

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