Pastry Meets Melty Cheese And Becomes Mini Pablo Cheese Tarts In Japan

Pablo Cheese Tarts

Be them custard tarts or cheese tarts, truth is everyone love tarts. A pastry shop chain in Japan is making eye-catching tarts with a twist – savory cheese tarts that can be eaten hot or cold. Creator of these fluffy, eye-catching tarts is Osaka-based Pablo. Pablo Cheese Tarts come in two sizes – 15cm medium and 6.5cm mini, with minis fitting perfectly in the palm of your hand. The company offer them in six mouth-watering flavors – Aromatic Matcha, Plain, Strawberry, Matcha, Chocolate, and Cinnapple. They are so popular, in addition to regular stores, the company has opened a number of Pablo Mini stores around the country devoted to selling mini tarts.

Pablo Cheese Tarts

The Pablo Mini tarts are so popular, customers form long line around the shop get their hands on them. However, the efficient staff make sure line moves quickly. All one has to do to make the filling gooey, warm and melty is microwave for a minute or so. Normally cheese tarts are heavy because of the thick filling, after a few bites most of us feel full and heavy. Thanks to Pablo’s soft and airy cheese filling in the middle, you can eat any number of them until you really start to feel full.

Pablo Cheese Tarts

Because of the lightness, most customers end up buying Pablo Mini Cheese Tarts in a box of six. Pablo offer variety of mixes and matches. However, it is no surprise to learn the favorite is the Special Mix box with one each of all six flavors and priced at ¥1,380 ($12.20). Other six-tart boxes are priced between ¥1,222 ($11) and ¥1,667 ($15).

Pablo Cheese Tarts are not limited to Japan, they already have stores in the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and Canada.

Source: RocketNews

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