Mini Moët & Chandon Vending Machine At Selfridges

Moët & Chandon is taking a whole new route to sell pricey champagne. They have installed a vending machine at Selfridges in London with mini Moët bottles in it. The machine is strategically placed at the “Destination Christmas” section for all to see.

This being the holiday season, a perfect time to snag new customers that wouldn’t mind spending £17.99 (approx. $29) on a mini Moët. The machine is stocked with 350 art deco-inspired Swarovski crystal studded 200ml bottles. When compared to other items at the store $29 may seem like a bargain to young shoppers.

The sophisticated looking machine is painted in the champagne color of rose gold and Moët & Chandon name clearly visible. Customers just need to press a button to choose a bottle and watch machine does the rest and dispense it. If you choose a red Moët seal, its golden arm will select and deliver it into a shiny tubular window.

Mini Swarovski studded Moët bottles are a limited edition arrangement produced only for Selfridges. Good thing the UK has lax legal drinking age limits there.

Source: Telegraph UK

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