McDonald’s Japan Now Serving Limited-Edition Macaroons From France!

McDonald's Macaroons

One of the most well-known French treats are macaroons – a tiny, round, crisp on the outside and soft on the inside pastry usually sold in upscale patisseries. Macaroons are delicate, elegant, and always cutely packaged with a Parisian bakery aesthetic. McDonald’s Japan has now added these delightful baked goodies to its menu for a small window of time because there is only a limited number of them!

McDonald’s is serving four different macaroon flavours – Vanilla, Chocolate, Citron, and Rasberry. The bright yellow Citron Macaroon contains a sharp blend of tart lemon cream, while the Raspberry Macaroon contains a fragrant and bittersweet raspberry cream. The Vanilla Macaroon contains a rich and luxurious vanilla cream while the Chocolate Macaroon is filled with rich, creamy cocoa flavour.

The scrumptious confectioneries will be available in McCafe Japan and customers can buy a macaroon takeout box of three pieces at JP¥450 (US$4) or buy them individually for JP¥150 (US$1.30). Let’s clear the air though – they are not called McCaroons but they are directly imported from France, hence the limited number of treats.

Japan always has the most number of limited-edition items be it tech, food or fashion and McDonald’s has definitely given a sweet surprise to the lucky few who can get their hands on these macaroons that have traveled far and wide. What’s next – a Big Mac size giant macaroon? After all, macaroons are just tiny, sweet burgers correct?

Source: RocketNews24

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