Mandarin Oriental Designs Unique Inflight Menus For Cathay Pacific First Class Passengers

Cathay Pacific Mandarin Oriental Menu 1

Cathay Pacific and Mandarin Oriental Hotel last year partnered to create an exclusive “inflight menu” for airline’s first class passengers on London route. That short term partnership was sort of used as a trial for the big things to come. As announced by the two companies last week they are now in it for the long haul. First class passengers on flights between Hong Kong and London, Paris, New York, San Francisco, Tokyo and Boston will have the opportunity to enjoy special menus at different times through this year.

All menus are seasonally inspired and guarantee to bring a local touch due to the fact that all chosen cities have their own Mandarin Oriental Hotel. This makes life easier for the chefs to create dishes unique to that particular city – come lobster season it will be a lobster feast all the way from Boston to Hong Kong, hopefully!

Cathay Pacific Mandarin Oriental Menu 2

First set of menus are now served on flights Hong Kong to London, and Paris to Hong Kong till January 31. Winter dishes by Executive Chef Uwe Opocensky, from Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong, and Executive Chef Thierry Marx, from Mandarin Oriental, Paris are served on these flights. In February passengers travelling from Hong Kong to Paris and New York to Hong Kong are on line to enjoy fabulous dishes created by Executive Chef Opocensky and Executive Chef Christian Pratsch, from Mandarin Oriental, New York, respectively.

Highlights of the Hong Kong to London menu include a full-bodied consommé with a specially prepared tea bag of dried flower petals and gold flake and the Foie gras, mushrooms and pickled blackberries starter. From the kitchen of Paris-based Chef Marx comes the classical French cuisine with a twist offers a traditional presse of chicken, mushrooms and foie gras, delicately infused with a hint of five spices – served on Paris to Hong Kong flights.

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Source: Cathay Pacific

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