A Different Kind Of Champagne “Luvienz Caviar Edition”

Luvienz Caviar

Creative and imaginative minds can do incredible things, like thinking outside the flavors. Instead of going for the usual aromas and flavors that come with Champagnes, little known French wine brand Luvienz has gone for the unthinkable – caviar. Named, the Luvienz Caviar Edition, the makers describe the special concoction as a luxury drink that combines the traditions of old with the new.

It has taken the winemaker 5 years to develop the caviar flavored drink. Started in 2009 they’ve done research and development, testing and tasting up until last year and released to small audiences in 2013 for further testing. The Luvienz Caviar Edition is now ready for prime time.

The caviar for the champagne come from one of most prestigious and well-established caviar producers in the world, while its wines are made from 100% Chardonnay grapes aged for over 20 years, and kept in the cellar at least another 3 years to mature. Adding a bit of style to the caviar flavored champagne, its bottle is designed on the idea of the little black dress. For purchases inquiries or more details visit Luvienz website.

Source: Luxury Launches 

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