Listen To The Sound Of Rising Champagne Bubbles With Krug Sounds

Joining in the fun of creating innovative holiday gift box ideas, we could say champagne house Krug has listened intently to what the award-winning designer Ionna Vautrin has told them. Their gift box set is called Krug Sounds, it comes with a sound amplifier inspired by seashells. The porcelain listening device, when fitted to the glass rim allows the drinker to listen to the sound of rising bubbles, imitating seashells that echo sounds of the ocean.

Krug Sounds gift box set includes a bottle of vintage Krug Grande Cuvée, blended to perfection with 120 plus vintages, some of them aged for more than 15 years. In all aged for 20 years, Krug Grande Cuvée pallet of aromas and notes ranges from citrusy dried black cherry, honey cream, candied orange zest to roasted nuts, coffee liqueur, and toasted cardamom. Completing the gift box set is two Reidel crystal glasses from “Joseph” collection, named after house’s founder, Joseph Krug.

Krug Sound Box 2

Source: Luxury Launches 

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