Lavazza Introduces Two New Specialty Drip Coffees – Kilimanjaro And Santa Marta

Lavazza Single Origin

There are professional tea tasters, wine tasters, beer tasters and coffee tasters. I can tell you I am no connoisseur but I drink at least one of these beverages on a daily basis just like rest of the population. My day does not move forward without having a cup of delicious coffee in the first place. For the past few days, I have been drinking/taste testing Lavazza coffee – not one but two new roasts from Italian brand’s New Specialty Drip Coffees – Kilimanjaro and Santa Marta. These two coffees are part of Lavazza’s exclusive single origin collection made of 100% Arabica beans.

For a company that invented the art of blending coffees from different regions, it is refreshing to see Lavazza go back to basics and offer a new single origin collection.

Lavazza Kilimanjaro

Kilimanjaro – A 100% Arabica from the African mountains of Kilimanjaro in Tanzania with a hint of mature cherries. A single origin ground coffee in medium roast, this is perfect not just as your first-morning cup of coffee but any time of the day. Grown in the rich volcanic soils, surrounded by greenery, it is perfect for both filter coffee machines and French Press (press pot). My tasting notes – I love the lively aroma and flavor of Kilimanjaro, however, I failed to detect the unique fruity aroma of cherries. I am a through and through coffee with milk person but I tasted it black too, either way, it brings out the perfect flavor. Medium roast or not when tasted black it didn’t leave a bitter aftertaste, which is good.

Lavazza Santa Marta

Santa Marta – This too is 100% Arabica and a single origin ground coffee in a medium roast. You could say this s a rare coffee because these beans are harvested once a year in Santa Marta, the oldest coffee growing region in Colombia. Grown in unspoiled Sierra Nevada Mountains near Caribbean seas, this too is perfect for both filter coffee machines and French Press. My tasting notes – unlike the cherry aroma that I failed to detect in Kilimanjaro, the praline of Santa Marta is quite easy to notice. If your preference is strong coffee you’ll have to use more than the recommended 1 tablespoon. No bitter aftertaste if you drink this black. Even though a medium roast, Santa Marta too is perfect at any time of the day.

Between these two wonderful coffees, I can’t really pick a favorite, though love the Santa Marta’s praline aroma better. One thing I would love to see Lavazza consider is a change in packaging – wish they used resealable bags. You can buy or browse all of Lavazza products online here. Their wide range of coffee related products include blends, coffee makers, and drinkware.

Source: Lavazza

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