Famous Ladurée Macaron Carriage Opens Shop At Bloomingdale’s

Bloomingdales Ladurée Carriage

Fashionable New Yorkers with a weakness for luxury shopping and sweets can enjoy Ladurée macarons while spending time and money at Bloomingdale’s. Their midtown flagship store now serve macarons from one of French patisserie’s famous carriages. The full-sized carriage has found a place on the second floor to set itself up, an area with lot of foot traffic and easily stands out among store’s other departments.

The carriage pop-up shop is serving up a good collection of Ladurée’s favorite mouthwatering sweets that include a selection of chocolate, candles, small accessories as well as the patisserie’s signature macarons.

The Ladurée Bloomingdale pop-up shop was opened in time for Valentine’s Day, it will remain there till April 2nd. To attract customers to the pop-up, Bloomingdale created an event posting on Facebook. With the pop-up store introduction, Ladurée is hoping to drive more customers to their shops on Madison Avenue and SoHo.


Source: Luxury Launches

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