Delicious Spring Specials From Japan – Krispy Kreme Premium Donuts

Krispy Kreme Premium Donuts

Krispy Kreme is in news today for buying sandwich chain Panerai, so it is a good day to write a donut story. Even if it is about Krispy Kreme Japan. Land of the Rising Sun gets all the mouthwatering Starbucks coffees, Krispy Kreme donuts, and McDonald’s burgers. To celebrate Easter, they released Krispy Kreme Premium Donuts range to the delight of chain’s customers. The four-piece collection consists of Brulee Glazed Cream, Latte Bunny, Matcha Azuki and Sakura.

Even if you are in Japan, you may have to make a special long-distance trip to get one. To keep the Krispy Kreme Premium collection exclusive, the company made them available from just one location – the Krispy Kreme JR Nagoya Takashimaya store in Aichi Prefecture. The Brulee Glazed Cream is going to be available at the store year-round, the Sakura and Latte Bunny only until 11 April, while the Matcha donut until 30 May. All four are priced ¥280 ($2.50) each. A box of four costs ¥1,120 ($10).

Krispy Kreme Premium Brulee Glazed Cream
Krispy Kreme Premium Donuts This looks more like a toasted bagel with cream cheese than a donut. Donut has a light and fluffy cream center and Brulee glazed topping.

Krispy Kreme Premium Latte Bunny
Krispy Kreme Premium Donuts Isn’t this cute? I want to save this donut than eating it. This cracking donut comes filled with cafe latte cream that doubles a bunny face. Two biscuits ears, a red bow-tie, and roast almond flakes complete the bunny.

Krispy Kreme Premium Matcha Azuki
Krispy Kreme Premium Donuts No signs of an end to matcha craze. This easy on the eye matcha green tea glaze and gold dust powder topped donut come filled with green-tea flavored whipped cream and sweet adzuki red bean paste filling.

Krispy Kreme Premium Sakura
Krispy Kreme Premium Donuts Donut chain like to remind you there are few more days left in Sakura season. As if the shiny pink glazed top is not enough, Krispy Kreme filled this donut with strawberry, raspberry and cranberry puree, cherry paste and whipped cream – the result is a sweet and sour donut sandwich.

Krispy Kreme Premium Box
Krispy Kreme Premium Donuts Buy a box of Krispy Kreme Premium Donuts and some seasonal Starbucks – you are set for a delicious afternoon coffee.

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