Luxury Kiwami Osechi Set For Japanese New Year Celebrations Will Cost $12,000

Kiwami Osechi

Is this the world’s most expensive Osechi set ever? Probably. There is one for $1,000 at Udon West in NYC, one we are talking about however is 12 times more expensive than Udon’s. Priced at $11,800 this Osechi (set of New Year traditional Japanese food) is a special edition packed with gourmet fare. Named “Kiwami” (Ultimate) this is a creation of celebrated Executive Chef Hiroshi Fujisawa at the Senshintei Oono, a wedding center operator.

Only finest ingredients are used in creation of the Kiwami and include Japanese as well as Western dishes. The Japanese food include “Iseebi” Japanese spiny lobsters, “Nodoguro” a rosy sea bass fish and “Karasumi” a dried mullet roe. Western dishes of the Kiwami consists of Goose Foie Gras, Italian white truffle and the ever so rare Caspian “almas caviar”, a golden caviar taken only from yellow albino sturgeon that are born from mutation.

“What we are offering (to our customers) is not only the (Osechi) dishes but also the atmosphere, as if they are eating them at a restaurant,” said Senshintei Oono President Shinichi Oono. “My hope is that they will start New Year’s Day with a bigger smile on their faces.”

The Kiwami Osechi is delivered in a box made from the wood of Empress Tree (Kiri) in Kamo, a town well known for producing traditional Japanese chest drawers “Tansu”. The chopsticks that accompany it are made of green ebony while the box also contains wine glasses painted with Japanese lacquer (Urishi.)


Source: Asahi Shimbun

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