Latest Epicurean Craze Kit Kat Sushi To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Kit Kat Sushi

Special Kit Kats are not just for the Australians. Kit Kat Japan announced their latest concoction – Kit Kat Sushi. Three new flavors were designed especially for the sushi collection, which in turn was created to celebrate the opening of a new Kit Kat specialty shop in Tokyo. New flavors designed by Chef Yasuaki Takagi are – Maguro (tuna), Tamago (egg), and Uni (sea urchin). The best part is the Kit Kats are designed to look like real sushi that inspired them. Looks are one thing, the good thing is they don’t exactly taste like tuna, egg or sea urchin.

Tamago (egg) Kit Kat version is actually pumpkin pudding flavored. Here the puffed rice are once again covered in white chocolate and wrapped in slightly tamago flavored seaweed. Kit Kat Sushi

Marguro (tuna) Kit Kat is a raspberry flavored Kit Kati on a bed of puffed rice covered in white chocolate. So you get the perfect mix of sweet and sour with this combo. Kit Kat Sushi

Uni (sea urchin) Kit Kat also get the seaweed wrap treatment in gunkan-maki or battleship-maki style. Kit Kats have a mix of melon and mascarpone flavor. Kit Kat Sushi

The new Kit Kat store opened in Ginza District in Tokyo is the only place you can buy new special flavors. Released as a limited edition, the Kit Kat Sushi will be in store between February 2 and February 4. They don’t come cheap, customers will have to fork out over ¥3000 (about $26) for each set.

Source: Designboom

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