KFC’s Heavenly Edible Scoff-ee Cup Smells Like Freshly Cut Grass

Among Colonel Sanders’ crowd in Kentucky, there is someone excellent at thinking outside the breaded chicken wing. As announced by KFC, they are introducing to the UK market Seattle’s Best Coffee (Seattle’s best!) in the summer months. In celebration of that, KFC is also introducing to the UK their first edible coffee cup, named Scoff-ee Cup. Here in the US, we have already seen a couple of edible cups, one from Ritz Carlton, Jakarta and another from Alfred Coffee shop on the West Coast.

The Scoff-ee Cup from KFC follows the same tried and tested method as others. The edible cup made from biscuits comes lined with heat resistant white chocolate. Cup design is similar to coffee chain’s normal cups and the paper around it made from sugar is also edible. KFC hopes edible cups will bring in new customers to try their new Fairtrade Arabica-based coffee range.

KFC Scoff-ee Cup 1

Being edible and tasty is not the only trick from Scoff-ee Cup. Its co-creators, food scientists at The Robin Collective also added interesting aromas that include Coconut Sun Cream, Freshly Cut Grass, and Wild Flowers.

The Collective’s spokesperson Brandy Wright said: “not only do the edible cups taste amazing, but they smell delicious too, we’ve infused different cups with a variety of ambient aromas.”

Luckily the launch date is still a couple of months away because the Scoff-ee cup is still under development. Who knows, they might add even more aromas to the range. Hopefully, KFC will bring some of that edible goodness back home to the US too. Meanwhile, let’s ponder about how a Hazelnut flavored coffee going to smell in a cup with Freshly Cut Glass aroma.

KFC Scoff-ee Cup 2

Source: Mashable

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