For Olive Oil Snobs – Karvelas Hellas Olive Oil In A Handcrafted Olive Wood Box

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Only way I use Olive oil is to eat bread. Like a lot of culinary challenged people, I just dunk a piece of bread in olive oil and eat. If you must know, I also eat bread with butter and some black pepper peppered on it, delicious! If you are the Julia Child or Martha Stewart in your kitchen, then there are much better ways to use olive oil, which also means you should get the premium available on the market. Luxury launches site VeryFirstTo has an exclusive made from the best olives, Karvelas Hellas Olive Oil.

The Karvelas Hellas Olive Oil are produced in the region of Fylla Evias in Greece from high quality olives cultivated in the plains and groves of Evia Island. The Karvelas is actually a blend of three olives Manaki, Korneki and Megaritiki, these olives are so unique to Greece they cannot be grown anywhere else in the world. The oil has a well-balanced rich flavor and an aroma to complement its beautiful golden color.

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The Karvelas family who owns the business has a long history that spans generations in growing olives and producing top quality olive oil. The olives are hand-picked and placed in specialized containers that allows them to be kept fresh until production time. The finished product is offered in classical packaging made from top quality raw materials. Its Italian glass made bottle comes nestled in a handcrafted gift box made from 100% olive wood.

Priced at £38 (about $58), the 200 ml Karvelas Hellas Olive Oil is available for purchase online at


Source: VeryFirstTo

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