Johnnie Walker Boldest Glass -The Smartest Available Glass For Whisky Buffs

Johnnie Walker Boldest Glass

This is definitely music to whiskey drinker’s ears. Every brand in every industry is trying to stay relevant, one way they do this is by reinventing themselves. Johnnie Walker, one of the oldest whisky brands in the world found a new way to promote their brand. The music playing Red Label “Boldest Glass” not only innovative but also a bit weird. The Boldest Glass is part of Johnnie Walker’s marketing efforts to promote Red Label and Ginger Ale drink.

The technicalities of the specially built music glass include an AM/FM transmitter and amplifier fitted to its base, which wirelessly then transmits music tracks straight to your inner ear. The system kicks into place only when you drink and boldest glass touches your teeth. It is built to mimic the bone conduction technology that uses skull bones to send sound signals and tunes to our inner ears. Johnnie Walker worked with sensory scientists Condiment Junkie to design and co-develop the concept. The audio tracks are tailored to be “in tune” with the flavor of Red Label and Ginger, while giving you, the drinker, a one-of-a-kind sensory experience in tastes and sounds.

Johnnie Walker Boldest Glass

“This could potentially be a revolution within a culture that hasn’t changed in decades,” said brand director Oscar Ocaña. “The glass is set to give drinkers a glimpse of what bar culture could be like in the future.”

This is the second time this year Johnnie Walker introduced a new concept that they thought out of the cask. If they decide to mass produce the Boldest Glass, it would be a perfect companion to the smart bottle they introduced not so long ago. At the moment company has no plans to create a market for the glass, however if you are in London and want to give it a try head over to “Call Me Mr Lucky” bar. On request they will make arrangements for you to try it out, until May 10.

Johnnie Walker Boldest Glass


Source: Luxury Launches

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