Johnnie Walker Blue Label “Year Of The Ram” Limited Collector’s Edition

With Chinese New Year fast approaching, brands are in a race to launch this year’s special editions for celebrations. Diageo-own Johnnie Walker Blue Label has theirs ready – the limited edition Johnnie Walker Blue Label Year of the Ram. This collector’s edition blue bottle comes adorned with visual art and calligraphy inspired by a famous Chinese brush-painting named “Three Rams”. Four sides of the bottle tell the story of Rams in beautiful white brushstrokes.

As far as the mythology and symbols go, in Chinese culture Rams are identified with good luck. Also of note is the ancient Chinese character for “Ram” shares the same root with the characters for “auspicious” and “beautiful”. It is with these signs and symbols in mind Johnnie Walker designed the bottle to attract collectors, connoisseurs and casual whisky drinkers alike. The royal blue-tinted bottle itself pays tribute to the Chinese tradition of celadon porcelain. When placed side by side, four bottles reveal its own version of “Three Rams” painting.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label Year of the Ram Special 2

The exquisitely crafted collection is a perfect gift for family and friends. If you are a collector this is sure to add value to your collection. Now on sale at all major wine and spirit retailers, the Johnnie Walker Blue Label Year of the Ram (750 ml) is available only in Australia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan, and Vietnam. A free engraving service is available for personalization on 17th, 24th and 31st January 2015 for customers purchasing the limited edition at SOGO.

Source: Time For Whisky

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