Johnnie Walker Blue Label By Tom Dixon Capsule Collection – The Perfect Gift For Scotch Drinkers

Johnnie Walker Blue Label By Tom Dixon

British designer Tom Dixon and Johnnie Walker liked their first collaboration so much, they decided to work on a second project right away. At Milan Design Week, they unveiled a new exclusive named The Johnnie Walker Blue Label Capsule Series by Tom Dixon. The capsule collection comprises of a copper-themed bespoke bottle design, ice bucket, coaster, and bottle cap. The copper accents are a constant feature in Tom Dixon’s contemporary designs, in this collection, they also fit perfectly with the whisky-making art as copper-made pots play a huge part in whiskey distillation.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label By Tom Dixon

Tom Dixon was at hand in Milan for the unveiling and said : “The parallels between Johnnie Walker Master Blender Jim Beveridge and a designer might seem tenuous but when you think of it in terms of taking excellent raw materials and using patience and experimentation to extract a product with real resonance, then you can start to see the similarities.”

Adding “I also believe it is important not to remain static – like the Striding Man logo – with all its historic references it still looks contemporary and represents progressing forward and looking to the future. The copper stills, the oak barrels, the supreme expertise needed to produce a classic product – this was all instrumental to my thinking.”

Johnnie Walker Blue Label By Tom Dixon

Johnnie Walker also brought one of their well-known global brand ambassadors to Milan Design Week, whiskey expert Tom Jones. He was on hand to talk to guests about different flavors that express the Scotch Whisky. Guests also got to enjoy Johnnie Walker cocktails at the bar.

The Johnnie Walker Blue Label Capsule Series by Tom Dixon will be available to purchase from October 2017 in selected markets across Europe, Latin America, Asia, and Africa. An exceptional gift for whiskey lovers, it comes with an RRP from GBP £180 (about $230).

Source: Luxury Launches

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