Jasmine Afternoon Tea At Jumeirah Carlton Tower With Eric Lanlard

Jumeirah Carlton Tower is getting ready for the change in seasons, Festive Season that is. With holidays coming to an end, Festive Afternoon Tea menus are taking a break. To replace theirs, Jumeirah Carlton Tower in London along with their trusted collaborator, pastry chef Eric Lanlard aka Cake Boy has a new chic Afternoon Tea menu ready to take-off starting January 6th. The Jasmine Afternoon Tea is a celebration of The Chinoiserie’s exclusive and private, Jasmine Room. Jumeirah Carlton invites you to taste the Chinese influenced aromatic flavors in the elegant Jasmine Room.

The hallmark of Chinoiserie styles from the 17th century was the influence of Chinese art in European art. At Jumeirah Carlton, Chef Lanlard is using the Chinoiserie style to beautify delicious cakes, pastries, and fruits in an East meet West kind of way – or in his words “a true Ying and Yang experience.”

The savory treats include crab and lobster spring roll, prawn crackers that are served alongside shredded duck, cucumber, and hoi sin sauce. Their pastries come stuffed with BBQ pork and spring onions. Those Jasmine tea smoked salmon and sesame seed bagel with wasabi mayonnaise are sure to make your mouth water.

Jumeirah Jasmine Afternoon Tea 4

To keep your sweet tooth happy, the menu comes with such delights as Phoenix millefeuille with ginger, passion fruit, mango, and raspberry. Citrusy Yuzu and Macha Madeleine, a green tea madeleine topped with white chocolate and yuzu cream. Be careful, you might get addicted to Chocolate and Lapsang Souchong tea chopstick cakes and almond-flavored Nigella seed Jasmine financiers. Sweet fruit and plain scones come with clotted cream and fruit preserve.

Jumeirah Jasmine Afternoon Tea 2

How do you wash all these treats down? Savories and sweets are served with freshly brewed pot of tea of your choice and a spray of Clementine. You have the choice to go with a glass of Champagne too.

The Jasmine Afternoon Tea pricing is £40 per person with nothing fancy. If you prefer a glass of Champagne and strawberries it’ll be £50 per person. If that glass of Champagne is rosé it’s £55 person and you get strawberries too. For reservations you can email here.

Jumeirah Jasmine Afternoon Tea 3

Source: Jumeirah Carlton Tower

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