Incredible Japanese Miniature Food Models And Utensils Made Of Clay And Iron

Japanese Miniature Food Models

Miniature food models are a big thing Japan. Most restaurants and food stalls have models so realistic, you are tempted to eat them. A Japanese artist has now taken them to next logical place – social media – to Instagram and Facebook. The Instagram account @kasuga_maru has accumulated 24.4k like-minded followers of all things tiny artificial food. The good thing is if you are interested in buying his creations you could. You can even place custom orders with him. Most items are made from clay, plastic, iron and varnish.

The expertise of @kasuga_maru lies in making Japanese staples fresh-looking sashimi to sweets to ramen to Macha tea. To make everyone understand how small his cute creations are, he took some images with a coin next to it. Miniature art is not easy, it is time-consuming and needs bundles of patience. Below are few of his creations, for more images visit his Instagram page, to buy hop over to his online store.

Here’s some serious mini ramen for you. Eggs look so real. Japanese Miniature Food Models

A whole feast of fish, sashimi, pickles and salad. Don’t forget those chopsticks. Japanese Miniature Food Models

After a hearty meal, time for some traditional Japanese wagashi sweets and green tea.Japanese Miniature Food Models

End the meal with seasonal fruits. Japanese Miniature Food Models

Source: Rocket News24

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