Ready For A Cup Of Exotic Posh Tea? Try Harney And Sons Classic Collection

Harney and Sons Classic Collection Teas

I have been drinking tea for a long time – almost most of the time strong black Ceylon Tea brewed with fresh ginger, then some milk added. Things changed in the last couple of weeks and I ended up drinking some posh flavored and herbal teas from New York-based tea purveyor Harney and Sons. In all, I taste tested five popular teas from Harney and Sons Classic Collection. It is worth noting, the teas come in specially made triangular silken sachets with plenty room to fill them with pieces of fruits and spices, tea leaves and other whatnots.

Harney and Sons Classic Collection Teas - ParisFruity Paris is my absolute favorite. Loved both the aroma and flavor of this medium-bodied black and oolong tea. First time around, I followed instructions and brewed it for 5 minutes that gave me a mild tea. The second time, I left it in the pot for 15 or so minutes and got a strong tea acceptable to my taste, with this brew I was also able to add milk and sugar. Even after two weeks, its sachet smells heavenly and the sweet caramel scent still going strong. I would not call myself a person with a good scent sense, my nose failed to pick fruity scents – current and citrus in this composition in isolation.

Hot Cinnamon Spice
Harney and Sons Classic Collection Teas - Hot Cinnamon SpiceThis has a very pleasant aroma and a flavor I know very well. Both the sweet cinnamon flavor and scent linger long after you are done drinking. A cup of this spicy blend is a perfect way to start the day on cold winter months, this will warm your body and jolt it inside out to get things going in the morning. The pouch comes filled with chunks of cinnamon, orange peel, cloves and a blend of black teas.

English Breakfast
Harney and Sons Classic Collection Teas - English BreakfastI would drink English Breakfast daily – this statement holds true for most everyone. English Breakfast tea, traditionally a blend of black teas from Ceylon, Assam, and Kenya. To my surprise, I’ve found out this is a blend of black teas from China, on the other hand, it’s a blend every company makes by using their own recipe these days. If you follow Harney’s brewing instructions you get a medium tea. I am all for a strong brew, so I did it my way and added some crushed fresh ginger and let it brew for 15 minutes, then added milk and sugar – which gave me the perfect strong cup of tea – this version is very similar to Masala Tea but without the entire list of spices.

Peppermint Herbal
Harney and Sons Classic Collection Teas - Peppermint HerbalIf you are a fan of all things organic, this zero-caffeine pure peppermint leaves with no other ingredients is your kind of refreshment. I’ve never had Peppermint in tea form before and the brew is quite stimulating (same sensation you get with peppermint ice cream!) The health benefits of drinking Peppermint tea are numerous and few of them include a boost to the immune system, fighting stomach discomfort, reduce fever and help combat insomnia. All of Harney’s Peppermint comes from Oregon.

Harney and Sons Classic Collection Teas - ChamomileNot my cup of tea, this is strictly for health buffs. The taste and scent of this tea reminded me of bitter and not-so-pleasant to drink Ayurvedic potions for fighting flu and cold I used to drink. Managed to finish the cup, as is I won’t be going anywhere near this tea. A few drops of honey can make this healthy drink more palatable to anyone. Made from Chamomile flowers imported from Egypt and caffeine free.

Each beautiful tin contains 20 sachets of top quality tea. To buy or to get more information on Harney and Sons Classic Collection teas visit their online store here.

Source: Harney and Sons

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