Harley Davidson Engine Infused Spirit, The Archaeologist Is Gin-ius!

Uwe Ehinger The Archaeologist Gin

There are passionate, adrenaline driven people and then there are Harley Davidson bikers. Just like that there is gin and then there is ‘The Archaeologist’ which is gin infused with vintage Harley Davidson bike parts. Yes, you read that right! This mind-blowing idea was engineered by a German gearhead Uwe Ehinger who wanted to find a way to preserve the parts of Harley Davidson engines and voila – the Archaeologist was born!

The innovative spirit owes its name to Uwe’s passion for rifling around the world for antique motorbike and parts which he uses to create custom, one-of-a-kind motorbikes in his workshop Ehinger Kraftrad. “Everything I do pays tribute to the things that used to be”, said Ehinger about his creations and the $1300 top-shelf gin is something every motorbike enthusiast would love to add to their collection. The bottles of gin are filled with original engine parts retrieved and preserved by Ehinger from all over the planet, including 1939 Flathead camshafts from the Mexican desert, 1947 Knucklehead screw-nuts from Chile or 1962 Panhead rocker arms from South Korea. Each bottle comes with such a rare, unique backstory and character making it as good as owning a piece of art.

Uwe Ehinger The Archaeologist Gin

Each motorbike part is sterilized and sealed with a tin alloy to make it safe, before being soldered onto a steel structure and encased inside a handcrafted clear glass bottle. Then each unique bottle is hand-stamped with a unique serial number of the infused engine part inside the bottle, complete with the labels that which are printed on a Heidelberg Tiegel printing press from 1931 for that extra shot of vintage, making it a highly exclusive and coveted piece of memorabilia for Harley Davidson enthusiasts.

The first few editions of ‘The Archaeologist’ were reserved for Ehinger’s most loyal customers and only served in Ehinger’s garage. A limited number were available on the website’s online shop and sold out within hours as requests for more started to flood in. “I wanted to preserve the spirit of the old machines in an actual spirit and make it possible to experience the taste,” said Uwe beaming with pride over his creative brainchild. The Archaeologist is sure to fuel up the night with nostalgic stories about the relationship every rider has with his bike, so let the adventure be-gin!

Source: Luxury Launches

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