Hand-Painted Colorful Edible Gourmet Chocolates By Unelefante

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Mexico’s Unelefante has made a name for itself in the last couple of years as a company that make very colorful party balloons and gifts. They have taken this burst of colorful happiness a bit further by launching a collection of vibrant gourmet chocolate bars. Some chocolate slabs look like they are being splashed with paint and others like an artist’s palette. As Tatiana Sanchez, founder and creative director of Unelefante explains “These creations have the ability to generate an unforgettable experience and really make people smile.”

Sánchez started out as a jewelry maker nine years ago at a time when Mexican markets were flooded with merchandises from Asia, affordable but not in the same class as hand-crafted products from Mexican artists. Eventually, Mexican designers got together and formed groups to fight back and protect their trades. One of the groups is La Lonja Mercantil, which Sánchez joined and received help to launch Unelefante.

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Chef Jorge Llanderal, one of Mexico’s best chocolatiers has partnered with Sánchez to make beautiful Unelefante chocolates. The collaboration functions with them both working on designs and recipes, Llanderal making them and Sánchez adding colorful decorations on them. Chocolates are hand-painted with chocolate cocoa butter in a palette of colorful shades. Their first creation made with 54% cocoa, was named “Pollock” in honor of American abstract expressionist Jackson Pollock. The second bar made of 65% cocoa is named “El Jardín Secreto” or “The Secret Garden”, which Sánchez calls a very feminine chocolate. It is filled with crystallized flower petals, cardamom, and pieces of dry apricots and pistachios.

Unfortunately, these beautiful chocolates do not come cheap, they are priced to give sticker shocks to everyone, a set of three Pollock bars will set you back $420. But, good news is all of Unelefante’s chocolates are made with Casa Luker cocoa from Colombia, best in the world.

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Source: knstrct and  Unelefante

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