Tokyo Ice Cream Parlor Gomaya Kuki Now Serves Sesame Ice Cream

Gomaya Kuki Sesame Ice Cream

Talk in Japan around this time of the year mostly revolve around Cherry Blossom Festival and all the special food and drinks that go with it. If you want to stay away from anything Sakura and like to try something different, Tokyo ice cream parlor Gomaya Kuki is now offering a collection of frozen treats sprinkled with sesame seeds. Good news is this is not a seasonal thing, they plan to sell sesame ice cream in all seasons.

Ice cream shop’s name “Gomaya” seems to have some sort of connection to “goma” means sesame in Japanese. And, it makes sense for them to serve sesame ice cream all year around. Gomaya serves light and darker versions each of Kuro (black) and Shiro (white) ice cream, and each has their salty sesame version, making it a collection of eight different ice creams.

Gomaya Kuki Sesame Ice Cream

Gomaya Kuki sesame ice cream falls right in the category of unconventional snacks, to keep them as such, the company source their sesame from one of the oldest producers in the country. Kuki Sangyo, located in Mie Prefecture is in the business of producing sesame since the late 1800s during the Meiji period.

With or without sesame seeds and other crunchy add-ons, each Gomaya Kuki flavor costs ¥500 ($4.50). Located in Tokyo’s fashionable Harajuku neighborhood, there is a bit of a walk to get to the store if you are near Omotesando or Takeshita-dori shopping streets. But as one Tokyo natives revealed, there is a lot of window shopping to do if you decide to take a stroll to enjoy salty crunchy sesame ice cream.

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