GH Mumm Launches The World’s First Digitally Connected Champagne Bottle

GH Mumm Connected Champagne Bottle

So many things we use every day are digitally connected, we can’t even feign surprise when we hear about latest connected items. There are bicycles that are connected to smartphones and smartwatches, so they can monitor cyclist’s heart while riding and automatically adjust the connected pedal’s speed. Newest item to get connected is a bottle from the champagne house GH Mumm. The world’s first connected Champagne bottle was launched during the Monaco Grand Prix couple of weeks ago, an event Mumm has sponsored since 2000.

Inspired by Formula One podium’s “thrill and emotion”, Mumm states it is “designed to enhance the celebration experience”. Technology in this bottle is quite straight forward. The cork is equipped with a RFID chip-powered sensor that is linked to the venue’s audio and visual system. The moment the cork is popped the sensor sends a message to the corresponding receiver connected to the entertainment system to trigger pre-programmed sounds and visuals. The customizable interactive system is perfect for nightclubs and even restaurants. It can be programmed to do things such as shine a spotlight on a person and play their favorite music etc.

GH Mumm Connected Champagne Bottle

The VIP launch party for the connected bottle was held on-board Mumm’s private yacht in Monte Carlo. Grammy-winning musician and DJ Mark Ronson became the first person in the world to uncork a digitally connected Champagne bottle. Guests included model Cara Delavigne and her sister Poppy, former F1 racing driver Eddie Jordan and international club owner Jean-Roch.


Source: Luxury Launches

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