Have Your Morning Coffee In A Fancy Chocolate-Dipped Edible Alfred Cone

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East Coast vs West Coast food feud thankfully is not bad like the hip-hop rivalry. Otherwise instead of reading about Alfred Cone from Alfred Coffee & Kitchen and Cookie Shot from Dominque Ansel, we’ll be reading about serious food fights. Alfred Cone is a 4-ounce waffle cone cup with a chocolate-dipped rim.

Alfred Cone can hold either an espresso or macchiato. Store manager Ashley Lawson recommend macchiato in the waffle cup, because “when the espresso melts the chocolate, it makes a baby mocha.” According to Lawson, their Melrose Place store sells at least 60 to 70 cones a day.

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Naomi Kashi and her sister Dorit Simone makes the cones for Alfred Coffee at their Farmer’s Market store Zia Valentina. Alfred Coffee owner Josh Zad saw them serve coffees and gravitas in the cones and that gave him the idea to do the same at his store. Sisters supply around 200 cones per day for Alfred Coffee & Kitchen.

A cone costs $5 plus the price of the drink. Company have plans for Thanksgiving and Christmas cone versions, details of them are yet to release by Alfred Coffee & Kitchen.

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Source: LA Times and Alfred Coffee & Kitchen

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