Extraction Lab Offers America’s Most Expensive – The $18 Gesha Coffee

Extraction Lab $18 Gesha Coffee

Sunset Park in Brooklyn is not exactly as hipster as Williamsburg and Park Slope. But the neighborhood is hipster enough for Alpha Dominche to open their newest coffee shop named Extraction Lab. The new shop is in news for the last couple of days because of a soon to be unveiled $18 coffee cup, created by a special machine called Steampunk. Even though the $13,900 for two machines deserves all the buzz it generated so far, it is not the culprit behind $18 price tag. That honor belongs to the special coffee bean called, Gesha.

Extraction Lab $18 Gesha Coffee

The Gesha coffee, grown in Ninety Plus Gesha Estates is a very rare coffee that sells for very high prices at coffee auctions – a pound of its unroasted beans fetches as high as $350. This particular bean is rare and the reason for that – they grow at very high altitudes and takes as much as eight years to produce beans.

Coffee lovers describe the Gesha bean as a luxury item on par with caviar or foie gras. On most coffee shops, a cup costs above $10. A coffee shop in San Fransisco sells a cup for $15, while a shop in San Diego charges $11 a cup.

Extraction Lab $18 Gesha Coffee

Apparently, the Gesha coffee is not for everyone – this coffee is an acquired taste. Starbucks crowd probably will not like it. According to baristas who have fallen head over heels with Gesha – it tastes and feels light and more in line with tea than coffee. For strong coffee drinkers, this is going to be too gentle to even consider it a coffee.

Don’t worry $15 Gesha is not the only coffee Extraction Lab plan to serve. There will plenty other varieties in the $3 per cup range. And if you surprised by the cost of Steampunk, there are machines that cost a lot more than that. Those machines at Starbucks costs $11,000 and there is a halogen-powered Japanese system that costs over $20,000.

Source: Eater

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