Enchanted Christmas Log By François Perret At Shangri-La Paris

Shangri-La Hotel Paris Christmas Cake

Shangri-La Hotel, Paris’ Pastry Chef François Perret has come up with novel idea for a delightful Christmas log. He transformed the traditional Christmas log into a captivating scene where Father Christmas and his team gliding gracefully over the table. This delicious Christmas treat is sure to delight not only children but grownups as well.

The magic of Christmas inspired dessert features a Father Christmas in a traditional red hat made of sugar and guiding his sleigh with golden reigns over a lace-like milk chocolate base. Eight reindeers carved out of dark chocolate performs a reindeer dance around a group of fir trees decorated with silver leaves in a magical forest made from delicately brushed green cocoa butter and dark chocolate.

Fir trees offer a range of delightful flavors and textures. Made from dark chocolates, they cover slightly crunchy light flavorless biscuits as well as sweet white chocolate cream and homemade orange marmalade. The rest of the mouthwatering yule log is decorated with roasted caramelized cocoa beans that are lightly coated with chocolate, the marmalade complements a traditional light chocolate mousse.

From December 5 through December 25 2014, enchanted Christmas log will be available at La Bauhinia. For takeaways Shangri-La need the orders placed 24 hours before pick-up. The cake serves around 5 people and costs €108, which is about $140.


Source: Shangri-La Paris

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