A 5-Ounce Cup Of Wush Wush Coffee At Eleven Madison Park Costs $24

Eleven Madison Park Wush Wush Coffee

Your dream cup of coffee with a $24 price tag is here. Newly renovated and reopened Eleven Madison Park is offering 10 ounces of heavenly brew divided into two 5-ounce cups – which will set you back $48. There is a catch – this is only available to those who dine at the restaurant – means you have to at least spend on its tasting menu, which costs $295 per person.

The brew is made from a fancy bean called Wush Wush, which has origins in Ethiopia but now grown mainly in Colombia. The Eleven Madison Park’s beans are sourced from a single farm in Colombia. High-end eateries coffee director, Maya Albert is tasked with serving the luxury brew – with a bit of flair – she brings a Silverton Dripper to prepare coffee right in front of guests.

Eleven Madison Park Wush Wush Coffee

In all brewing process takes about 10 minutes. The process starts when Maya pours a small amount of water over the grounds (which they named the “bloom”). Before the next batch of water is poured over coffee, it let the first batch to linger and release CO2, this brewing method allows water to extract flavor from the beans evenly. These two-steps help create a slowly brewed perfect cup of coffee.

According to Maya Albert, this special taste like “blueberry pie” with a creamy texture of dough or yogurt, in some ways this $24 per cup is a two-in-one deal. And they are served in custom-made fine china cups, needless to say, it is way better than paper cups.

Source: Robb Report

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