With Ecuador Chocolate Afternoon Tea Ritz-Carlton HK Celebrates World’s Best Cocoa Producer

Ecuador Chocolate Afternoon Tea

World’s best cocoa comes from LatinAmerica, and Ecuador is responsible for supplying the bulk of it. The country has also taken the lead in growing sustainable cocoa used in making some of the finest chocolates in the world. To highlight and celebrate Ecuador’s best cocoas and chocolates made from them Café 103 will work with Spanish confectioner Javier Guillén for a special Ecuador Chocolate Afternoon Tea from November 1 to 30, 2017.

Chef Guillén, as he is known has a wealth of experience in the world of confectionary. After graduating from the School of Tourism and Hospitality in Madrid he worked in kitchens with world-class chefs including Ferran Adrià at El Bulli, Oriol Balaguer doing demonstrations around the world and with Pierre Hermé in Paris. In his second act, the Málaga-native worked as a consultant for French premium chocolate maker Valrhona. For this special project for Café 103, he partnered with Ecuadorean cacao producer República del Cacao.

Everything on the Ecuador Chocolate Afternoon Tea menu is made from natural and local ingredients – cacao harvested in Latin America, milk from the Andes and sugarcane from the coastal plains. All the mouth-watering delights are made from chocolates with cocoa content ranging from 31% to 70% with dessert shapes inspired by Latin American symbols.

Ecuador Chocolate Afternoon Tea

Among the menu items is Five Cacao, to pay homage to Ecuador, the birthplace of cocoa. This is a cocao pod-shaped chocolate shell filled with milk and hazelnut ganache. Milk chocolate shell with 40% cacao content adds notes of caramel and spice aftertaste to the ganache. A mix of cherry syrup with a hint of star anise is then sprinkled on top to enhance the overall flavor.

There is also an edible Panama Hat, with its ganache made from dark chocolate with 56% cacao content and mix with fruity sweet passion-banana cremeux. Sourced from “Nacional” cacao, the chocolate offers notes of white flowers, toasty coffee, and a powerful chocolate finish.

There is one final unique item – Coffee Bean. This is made from dark chocolate with 65% cacao. Inside there is a fruity filling of candied strawberry and blackberry jam surrounded by two ganache creams – creamy coffee and water cardamom.

Ecuador Chocolate Afternoon Tea

Other items include a rose, another one of Ecuador’s big exports. The chocolate and raspberry gel made rose comes filled with a rose mousse made with creamy white chocolate with fresh hazelnut and vanilla flavor. Coconut Azteca is a white chocolate-based treat made with cacao and pure crane sugar the coastal plains of Ecuador and milk from small dairy farms in Cayambe. Its ganache is a mixture of coconut milk, dried coconut, and coconut liquor.

The Ecuador Chocolate Afternoon Tea also accompany other usual suspects – scones with clotted cream and homemade jams, savory treats, a selection of teas and coffees. Champagne will cost you extra. Monday thru Friday it is HK$ 388 for one and HK$ 638 for two. During weekends and public holidays – HK$ 408 for one and HK$ 658 for two. For reservations email restaurantreservation.hk@ritzcarlton.com.

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