Eat At Zürich’s “Not Guilty” For Guilt Free Fast Food

The new kid in town “Not Guilty” fast food restaurant chain in Switzerland is ready to give McDonalds’ and Carlos Juniors of the world run for their money. Not Guilty serves up nutritious and organic fast food in healthy doses, you will never feel guilty of having fast food! Rapidly expanding chain has opened its third flagship location in Zürich this year. Ippolito Fleitz, the design firm responsible for the wonderful and cheerful interiors of Not Guilty describes their work for the chain as creating a “little heaven on Earth.”

Even though they are not food connoisseurs, architects praise the food at the chain as “honest and nutritious food imaginatively prepared into many different salads and snacks.” Ippolito Fleitz has decorated the place in such away, when a customer enters the long and open restaurant there is a feeling of familiarity in tones and textures of natural oak wood flooring combined with a mixture of delicate white and pastel tones. The colorful salad bar takes center stage at the entrance along with the menu board.

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Matching their beautiful interiors are the mouthwatering organic food. Fresh produce, poultry, and seafood are purchased from established farmers. Their salmon comes from an organic farm in Scotland that counts Prince Charles as a patron. Their fresh vegetables arrive daily from a farmer in Dübendorf, they serve only free- range chicken and their beef is from cattle born and bred in Switzerland.

Not Guilty is the idea of a former airline pilot, Ronald. He wanted to “do brand new things” in life, quit being a pilot and entered restaurant business!

The healthy menu at Not Guilty includes delightful healthy fare such as Tandoori Chicken Salad, the Miss Saigon Salad, the Indian Dal Soup and Vegetarian Bella Vita Sandwich.

Head over to Not Guilty for a relax and guilt free meal in beautiful surroundings.

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Source: Ippolito Fleitz

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