Limited Edition Dom Pérignon By Michael Reidel Boxes For Vintage 2006 & Rosé 2004

Dom Pérignon By Michael Reidel

There is a new collaboration in the Champagne world – between Dom Pérignon and Michael Riedel. They are like two sides of the same coin, both have the same creative approach, open to change and deeply committed to their trade in different fields. French Champagne house invited the German artist to design a couple of special pieces for them. Reidel is known for restating prior events and re-interpreting existing work of other artists. He has designed limited edition Dom Pérignon By Michael Reidel boxes for Dom Pérignon Vintage 2006 and Dom Pérignon Rosé Vintage 2004.

Dom Pérignon By Michael Reidel

Previous designers and artists to work on special editions include Marc Newson, David Lynch, and Jeff Koons. These limited editions are very popular with customers, so Dom Pérignon Chef de Cave Richard Geoffroy now invite artists regularly to work with them. Reidel joins the rest of the impressive group as the newest talent.

As always there is a method to Reidel’s madness. For this project, he took letters D and P letters and reworked them hundreds of times on the boxes and tables of the bottles. He deconstructed them to the point you cannot find a single standing D or P there like they are being hit with an atomic force. The deconstruction of two letters actually follows the Champagne production process, where decoding elements is the one thing that delivers the bubbly. The two limited editions now available in stores – the Dom Pérignon Vintage 2006 retail for $194 and the Dom Pérignon Rose Vintage 2004 is priced $433.

Dom Pérignon By Michael Reidel

Dom Pérignon By Michael Reidel boxes is not the only thing Reidel worked on. He also created the above art piece, inspired by the Dom Pérignon P2 1998 bottle. I’ll let the house explain it to you – The multiple facets of this Seconde Plénitude are explored through interactive light displays, visceral sound experiences, and high-definition multimedia art installations. In addition, the artist designed the Monolithe Dom Pérignon P2, a marble block in which the shape of the bottle has been delicately sculpted in white stone for a resolutely contemporary aesthetic that elevates Dom Pérignon P2 as a bold modern classic.

Source: Dom Pérignon

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