Pinxo Restaurant Offers Dessert Inspired By “L’oeuvre Noire” Ring By Jeweler Mauboussin

L'Oeuvre Noire Ring dessert 1

The Pinxo restaurant, located at the Renaissance Paris Vendôme Hotel has decided to pay tribute to the iconic “L’oeuvre Noire” ring by French jeweler Mauboussin with an exquisite dessert. The dessert not only named the after the ring, it looks like it too. Chef Mathieu Robillard and Pastry Chef Bryan Esposito’s decided to honor the jewelry house which had its beginning in the 1827 with the ring, because it transcended and defined eras close to two centuries.

The L’oeuvre Noire dessert ring is made of three main ingredients – chocolate, blackcurrant (color of the ring’s stone) and praline (for structure and crunch.) Adding more taste and flavor are chocolate mousse, blackcurrant compote and sorbet, shortcrust pastry and a praline accent. The dessert ring is then decorated with a fresh rose petal, blackcurrant-flavored pink sugar, pearls, a dark-chocolate disc etched with the Mauboussin’s famous star logo, and finally topped it all with a sugar diamond.

L'Oeuvre Noire Ring dessert 2

The actual L’oeuvre Noire ring itself is crafted from white gold, enamel, pavé diamonds and a one-karat black diamond.

The Le Pinxo is owned by the renowned Michelin two-star chef, Alain Dutournier. And his restaurant is famous for cuisine from the southwest of France where Dutounier is from. His restaurant offers something other fine-dining restaurant doesn’t – guests are allowed to share, sample and nibble tapas like never before. He has transformed tapas into a culinary voyage.

Even if you cannot afford the L’oeuvre Noire ring, you can afford the dessert at the The Pinxo. It will be on the menu at Pinxo to indulge you from February 15 to April 15 at the price of €15.


Source: Market Wired

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