“Creamart” – South Korea’s Hippest Addition To World Coffee Culture

South Korea Artist Barista Creamart

A twenty-something barista creates a colorful storm in a coffee cup! Planning a visit to South Korea soon? Are you also a caffeine addict with a flare for the art? Then a visit to Seoul’s ‘Café C. Through’ will leave you pumped and excited. Why? This is because South Korean barista, Lee Kang-bin – the owner of ‘Café C. Through’ is taking coffee art (creamart)to the next level by recreating miniature versions of famous paintings such as Vincent van Gogh’s ‘The Starry Night’, Edvard Munch’s ‘The Scream’ as well as adorable Disney cartoon characters like Aladdin and Bambi on top of his freshly brewed cups of coffee!

Lee’s latte-art goes beyond the traditional chocolate-brown and white foamy hearts and leaves you see every day on your coffee mainly because he creates his coffee art using a gamut of colors. The 26-year-old’s modus operandi is to mix foam – the traditional coffee ingredient- with his clever selections of edible food coloring. These unique color combinations maneuvered by the meticulous yet tiny strokes of Lee’s simple brushes and spoons is what brings a sparkle to his customers’ eyes while tantalizing their taste buds.

South Korea Artist Barista Creamart

Lee says he usually copies the painting or the image (sometimes specifically requested by his customer) onto the coffee from his smartphone. Lee regularly posts images and videos of his coffee art or ‘creamart’-as he likes to call them, on his Instagram profile. Due to the uniqueness of the innovative concept and the finesse of its execution; Lee has gathered a fan following of thousands not only at his café but more so in online platforms such as Instagram. Lee has confessed that he has never learned to draw in the traditional sense, as in taking art or drawing courses. Apparently, Lee started off as a barista at 17 during his mandatory military service. It seems that he enjoyed brewing coffee so much that he soon bought his own coffee machine, opening his first café for his camp mates.

It’s important to remember that Lee’s eye-candy creamart does take a toll on its maker as well as its consumer. For Lee, the creation seems to take a painstaking 15 minutes. For the customer, each creamart comes at a cost of 10,000 won or approximately $9.

Source: Luxury Launches

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