World’s Most Expensive Chocolate Easter Bunny Has Diamond Eyes Costs $50,000

Chocolate Easter Bunny With Diamond Eyes

You sacrifice most of your favorite foods (maybe not!) during lent. After that much sacrifice, you fair and square earn the right to eat anything that damn pleases you on Easter Sunday. If you have a bank account large enough, why not indulge on a hand carved solid luxury Chocolate Easter Bunny with sparkling eyes that costs $50,000. A carved creation of award winning Chocolatier, Pastry Consultant and former Chef Décor of Harrods, Martin Chiffers, bunny is a solid block of 75% Tanzania Origin luxury chocolate.

The chocolate bunny gets its twinkling eyes thanks to a pair of solitaire diamonds worth over £25,000. The two brilliant diamonds supplied by luxury jeweler 77 Diamonds weighs 1.7 karats in total. Of highest quality, diamonds boasts VS clarity, G Color and GIA certification. 77 Diamonds over the years made a name for themselves in the UK with their high end creations of engagement rings and diamond jewelry, however mixing chocolates with diamonds is a first – not only for them but for Chef Chiffers as well.

Chocolate Easter Bunny With Diamond Eyes

The released figures of chocolate bunny says it is life-size and weighs around 5 kilograms, that in the US comes to around 11 pounds (a no-nonsense 548,000 calories). It is also 38 cm high, about 15 inches – that’s a lot of chocolate if you ask me. For those who worry about weight gains and waistlines, there is good news – you don’t have to finish the entire bunny in couple days or even weeks. Store it properly it can last up to 2 years, they recommend temperatures of around freezing 16 degrees. I recommend you move to a mansion with the bunny.

Luxury launches site VeryFirstTo lead the sales efforts of the bunny project, and they noted it took Chiffers and his team two full days to make and carve. There were lot of miniature details to take care of including applying diamonds to its eyes. Bunny also come with gold leaf covered solid chocolate egg detail at its foot.

Customization options available for different type of diamonds, gems or other precious stones. The World’s Most Extravagant Chocolate Easter Bunny can be ordered via

Chocolate Easter Bunny With Diamond Eyes


Source: VeryFirstTo

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