Chef Roncero Brings Samsung Gear VR Experience To Sublimotion At Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza

Sublimotion Samsung Gear VR

Mixing wearable technology and gastronomy along with bit of art may not be for all restaurants, but that is the way for award-winning chef Paco Roncero. His amazing Sublimotion restaurant at the Hard Rock Hotel in Ibiza has teamed up with Samsung to offer a unique dining experience via the all new Samsung Gear VR. Keep in mind you cannot take a group of 20 for dinner at Sublimotion, it is designed to seat only 12 guests at a time.

Sublimotion Samsung Gear VR

The dining experience at Sublimotion start with guests arriving to interiors set to a futuristic “2050” setting. With Samsung Gear VR on hand diners will travel the world to experience their food in augmented reality form that include a video recipe that pops up with each bite. Those with seafood starters will see a giant illuminated shell along with a ionized cold broth surrounded by sea world projection and sea aroma.

Sublimotion Samsung Gear VR

Others include a world trip that start in Peru to experience deconstruction of the traditional ceviche. A virtual trip to Japan offer the opportunity to experience an intriguing nigiri made with ventresca, tuna’s most delicate part, served with shallots, seaweed, sea beans, red Shiso and a wasabi dressing. A special desert named El Beso (the kiss) include sweet treats from royal calamansi limes, lemon marshmallows, toasted sugar biscuits, yuzu fruit gel, lime and ginger ice cream to a frozen cake made from Bergamot oranges, and edible flowers and petals.

There is no word about their wine list, but you can find out about that when they open on June 1 next year.

Sublimotion Samsung Gear VR Sublimotion Samsung Gear VR


Source: Luxury Launches

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