Champagne And Edible Gold Leaf Wrexham Loaf Costs £25

Wrexham Loaf - Most Expensive Bread 1

Artisan Baker Robert Didier, owner of bakery Orchard Pigs in Wrexham, Wales is trying to sell a loaf of bread he priced at £25 ($43) for people with unlimited supply of dough. He is asking you to pay a king’s ransom for his Wrexham loaf because through research he found out that lords and kings of 1500s had their personal bakers make outrageously opulent bread using extravagant ingredients. Two main ingredients used in Mr Didier’s luxury bread are champagne and edible 24 karat gold flakes.

“The golden bread is not something you would necessarily want every day but for a special occasion it’s got a bit of wow factor to it,” Didier told BBC. An experienced baker, who trained under celebrity chef Raymond Blanc and began his career at Blanc’s bakery and patisserie Maison Blanc in Oxford, also added “In those days the baker of the palace or the manor house would be expected to produce loaves of bread that reflected the status of the lord or the king.” With his opulent loaf Didier is paying homage to bakers of the 1500’s.

Unveiling of the champagne and gold flake bread is scheduled to take place at the Hamper Llangollen food festival in October.

Wrexham Loaf - Most Expensive Bread 2


Source: BBC 

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