Chicken Charlie’s To Debut Caviar Topped $125 Twinkies At Orange County Fair

Chicken Charlie's Caviar Twinkie

Ahhh the Twinkies.. not my kind of cake. When I see them on grocery store aisles I look away. I treat all Hostess products with the same disdain – their products are just different shapes made from the same bland dough. I was very happy when Hostess went bankrupt couple of years ago. Then Apollo Global Management decided to rescue the company and save some of the jobs, which by the way is a good thing. Today Twinkies are back in the news – they are getting pampered and decorated for a special occasion in California.

To celebrate their 125th anniversary, the Orange County Fair in Costa Mesa, CA is having a big party themed “One Big Party”. One of the participating businesses is Chicken Charlie’s – famous for all kinds of fried food that include everything from chicken to Oreos to Kool Aid to Avocado and Krispy Kreme. Their contribution to One Big Party is a $125 Twinkie topped with Black Caviar – you heard it right!

If you plans to attend Orange County Fair, make sure to take some serious cash with you for the Caviar infused Twinkie and mark you calendar – the month long fair starts on July 17 and ends on August 16.


Source: Mental Floss 

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