World’s Largest Tin Of Caviar Courtesy Of Burj Al Arab And AmStur Caviar

Burj Al Arab And AmStur Caviar

Until today Dubai’s iconic Burj Al Arab hotel has been renowned for the luxurious and flamboyant lifestyles it has offered for its guests but from today on; the Burj Al Arab of Dubai will be world-renowned as a must-visit place for those who nurture luxurious taste buds and palates!

As Doris Greif, Senior V.P. Operations of MEASA Jumeirah Hotels & Resorts – the parent company of Burj Al Arab – proudly announced “at Burj Al Arab, we pride ourselves on extending to our guests unique and memorable experiences and we welcomed this opportunity to introduce them to AmStur – The World’s Finest caviar, which also I am pleased to add is environmentally friendly and sustainable, very much in line with Jumeirah Group’s philosophy”.

But that is not all, Burj Al Arab and AmStur Caviar have taken their collaboration one step further by creating a Guinness World Record to celebrate their new-found partnership. As a result from now on, above all the other enticing luxuries that draw you to the Burj Al Arab, the most unforgettable extravagant attraction will surely be the fact that this is now the home of the world’s largest tin of caviar!

Burj Al Arab And AmStur Caviar

“We were very proud to partner with the prestigious Burj Al Arab in this unique undertaking, and extremely excited to introduce our world-class caviar to the guests,” said AmStur Caviar Partner Nicholas Narsavidze. “AmStur’s native-raised, white sturgeon caviar has been acclaimed by renowned chefs and discerning consumers throughout the world for its exquisite flavor and perfect texture. Our success demonstrates that culinary excellence and sustainable practices can go hand-in-hand, and we look forward to bringing AmStur caviar to everyone who not only appreciates fine quality but cares about protecting the environment” emphasized Narsavidze.

The record-setting tin of caviar contains 17 kg of deep-grey Empress caviar- the only caviar in the world that contains fully-certified organic native-raised sturgeon. AmStur has created its own tradition by naming the giant tin ‘The Mashenomak’, after the Great White Sturgeon of Native American legend.

Source: Burj Al Arab

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